Curriculum Vitae




   Certification in Applied Biostatistic , Harvard Medical School  Boston, MA, USA


   PhD - Advanced Audiology Technologies, La Sapienza University Rome, Italy


  MD – Medicine, La Sapienza University  Rome, Italy

Post-doctoral training   


  Senior Research Fellow Otology and Laryngology    Harvard Medical School Boston, MA


     Clinical Fellow Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Segolene University, Bordeaux, Fr    


       Clinical Fellow Microsurgery                          Paris 13 University, Paris, France


Clinical Fellow European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery International Fellowship     


    Resident Otolaryngology (summa cum laude)  La Sapienza University, Rome, Italy        


Additional Courses


 Medical writer in Science   Stanford University

 DNA replication and Repair    MIT

 Precision Medicine  George Town University

 Useful in GENETIC  British Columbia University   


Faculty Academic Appointments


2017-  Temporary Assistant Professor (Research Assistant), University of Padua, Italy                                       

2006-2007  Coordinator Audiology & Speech Language course, La Sapienza University Rome, Italy

                    Therapy Program, Audiometric Techniques Graduate School                                                                                           

2003-2007  Adjunct professor, Image Elaboration and Laboratory I, School of Information Sciences,      

                    University of Bologna-Cesena, Italy


Major Administrative Leadership Positions


2014-2016  Director, Facial Palsy Center    ArsMedica, Rome Italy


2004-2006   Director, Facial Palsy Center   Policlinico Umberto I, University Hospital, Rome Italy 



Appointments at Hospitals


05/ 2017-        Responsible Otolaryngology Research Line  IRCCS San Camillo, Venice, Italy


01/2013-06/2013       Investigator, Head and Neck Oncology Maxillo-Facial Surgery Department Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital Paris, France                   


04/2012-07/2012 Assistant Physician Head and Neck Oncology Department Centre Mèdical de Forcilles Férolles-Attilly, France                   


12/2011-03/2012   Consultant, ENT and Microsurgery   Huderff University Hospital Brussels, Belgium


06/2009-09/2011    Consultant, Facial Nerve Disorders Head and Neck Neuroscience Department  San Camillo-Forlani Hospital Rome, Italy


01/2007-05/2008    Consultant, Facial Nerve Disorders Head and Neck Neuroscience Department  San Camillo Forlanini Hospital Rome, Italy          


08/2004-12/2006    Assistant Physician, Facial Paralysis Center Otolaryngology Department  La Sapienza University Rome, Italy               


09/2004-12/2006   Consultant, Facial Nerve Disorders Infective Disease Department Policlinico Umberto I University Hospital Rome, Italy           




Other professional positions


2017  Responsible of clinical research development  HEDERA Biomedics, Padua Italy


2017  Responsible of oral supplement development and research activities   

Hellopure.Uk, Manchester, UK


2015-1/2017     Responsible of creation, development and Clinical training of Suisselifescience, iDDNA                                    Lugano, Suisse  


2015-  2017   Consultant new technologies development in Otolaryngology   Medtronic USA, Jackonville (FL)


2014-   Medical Writer Assirem Rome Italy  


2014-   Research Consultant Cochlear Europe


2013-07/2016  Scientific Developer/Creator                                    WorldPharma Rome, Italy





Invited Editorial Activities


Editor in Chief


Heighpubs Otolaryngology and Rhinology  

Otorhinolaryngology-Open Journal  Open Access


Guest Editor Special Issue  in Otolaryngology 

The journal of International medical research

Journal of Immunology Research 


Editorial Board Member 


Otorhinolaryngology-Open Journal    

Insights of neuroncology    

Journal of Otolaryngology  ENT Research  

Heighpubs Otolaryngology and Rhinology  

Australasian Medical Journal 


Ad Hoc Reviewer


Audiology and Neurotology

Advanced Drug Delivery Review

International Journal of Speech Technology  

American Journal of Otology                  


Science PJ                                                  

International Clinical Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery          

Ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgery journal          

Journal of Proteome Research

BMC Ear, Nose and Throat Disorders  

International Journal of Advance in Otolaryngology   

Clinical Research in Dermatology