Current Funded Projects


PI: Arianna Di Stadio


University of Perugia, Otolaryngology Department, Meyer Hospital of Florence and Referent Center of Deafness of Naples

PI: Arianna Di Stadio


2017: Brain Connection and Cochlear Implant


2017: Single Side Deafness and brain development in children


2017: Perylimph and Cochlear Implants


2017Endoscopic approach to the Internal Auditory Canal and nerves decompression






IRCCS  Hospital San Camillo, Neuroscience Department, Venice Lido, Italy

PI: Arianna DI Stadio


2017: Hearing loss and mitochondria disease


2017: Dysphonia and Multiple sclerosis


2017: Central damage and SensoriNeural Hearing loss


Laboratory of Bioacustic Engineering, Neuroscience Department, University of Padua, Padua, Italy

PI: Arianna Di Stadio 


2017: Otoage and antioxidant proprieties


2017: Microglia, diabetes and hearing pathways



Research Projects Ended


Otolaryngology department, University of Padua and Wayne state University Detroit (MI),  USA


PI : Arianna Di Stadio


 Spasmodic Dysphonia treatment in patients with Multiple Sclerosis


Otolaryngology department, University of Padua


PI: Arianna Di Stadio


 Surgical treatment of tinnitus due to loop of Internal Auditory Canal


Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, Otolaryngology Department, Boston (MA), USA.


PI: Konstantina Stankovic MD, PhD and Arianna Di Stadio MD, PhD

2016 Correlation between Temporal bone findings, hearing loss threshold and White Matter Hyperintensities


PI: Arianna Di Stadio MD, PhD, Charles Guttmann MD and Konstantina Stankovic MD, PhD

2016 Is speech discrimination related to white matter hyperintensities in the elderly brain?


PI: Arianna Di Stadio MD, PhD

2016 Identification of the correct method to count the spiroganglion in the human temporal bone



PI: Arianna Di Stadio MD, PhD and Felipe Santos MD

2016 Hearing loss findings in patients affected by Loop of Internal Auditory Canal



Cochlear Europe Project –Hospital Circolo Fondazione Macchi,Varese, Italy.


PI: Arianna Di Stadio MD PhD

2016 Retrospective study of speech prosody in deaf pre lingual children undergoing cochlear implant


Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, Otolaryngology Department, Boston (MA), USA.


PI: Felipe Santos MD

2015-  Prevalence of Internal Auditory Canal Arachnoid Cyst


PI: Michael McKenna MD and Felipe Santos MD

2015-  Retrospective qualitative and quantitative facial nerve microglia evaluation in patients affected by Wegener’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis and Bell palsy.


PI: Arianna Di Stadio MD PhD

2015- New parameters to identify the loop position relatives to the nerve in Internal


2015- Retrospective qualitative and quantitative study of cochlear, vestibular and facial nerve for microglia evaluation in patients affected by Multiple Sclerosis (MS).



Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital, Maxillo-Facial Surgery Department, Paris, France.

PI: Patrick Goudot, MD and Chloe Bertolus MD


2013- Objective criteria for oral squamous cell carcinaoma evaluation in patients over 70. 


2013-  Malignant transformation of oral lichen planus 



Research Coordinator and Principal Investigator


2013- 2015 Otoage: a new antioxidant cocktail for the treatment of tinnitus. Santo Spirito Hospital, ENT Department, Rome, Italy


2009-2011 Experimental protocol of microsurgery: flap facial reconstruction of the thigh, after removal of emiface with preservation of the facial nerve in mice Vistar.



University La Sapienza of Rome

New methods for the evaluation of facial paralysis.

Rehabilitation techniques in facial paralysis. Multidisciplinary approach. 

DAAR: new software voice analysis in patients undergoing cochlear implant deaf. Inter-University Centre for research on the problems of deafness


Research Assistant


San Camillo Hospital / Forlanini, Department of Maxillo-Facial

New techniques in corrective surgery of the nose.


Undergraduate Research assistant (1999-2006)

University La Sapienza of Rome,

Neuroscience Department 


New technologies in the treatment of deafness

New techniques in use and inoculation of botox toxin in facial paralysis. Advantages and drawbacks. 

Corrective eye surgery techniques in patients with facial paralysis. 

Study of laryngeal pharyngeal reflux in patients with dysphonia and laryngospasm 

Maxillo facial alterations determined of long-term OSAS.

Neuromotor rehabilitation and surgical anastomosis techniques in patients affected by facial paralysis. C

Craniofacial deformities causing OSAS, looking for non-surgical solutions.




University La Sapienza of Rome 

Maxillo-Facial Departemen

Evaluation of PAS variation in patients undergoing OSBM surgery. 






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